Monday, July 11, 2011

$11.00 Boy's Closet Redo!

Ok, so I am so excited to share this! My two boys, age 5 and 2, share a small bedroom while we slllllllooooowly add on to our home. Clothing storage has always been an issue! They have a small closet in their small room which I used to home my 5 year olds clothes, the laundry hamper and extra sheets and blankets. It was always stuffed to the brim. Not to mention the out of season clothes, and the clothes my 5 year old has outgrown that I'm saving for my 2 year old wouldn't fit inside the closet, so they were stored under the crib. My 2 year old's clothes and both of their PJ's, socks and underwear were stored in a big, bulky dresser.

Then one day I was looking around on Blogger checking out the new posts everyone was posting and BOOM! I saw the most amazing use of space ever over at Iheartorganizing 2 of her kids also share a room... and a closet! The whole room looks amazing but I literally drooled over the closet!

So I spent the next few days begging my husband to help me pull something like this off in our boys' closet, and he finally caved! So here we go...

We started off with this...

Awful, right? Then my husband raised the top shelf and rod a few inches, added a second shelf and hanger, and then I went to town trying to make it "drool worthy" with what I already had...

Eh... Still not drool worthy. So I headed to my favorite place in the whole world! The Dollar Tree! I found Exactly what I needed!

These lil babies were, you guessed it, $1 each! They work perfectly for their socks and undies. I got 2 for each child, and they were even the colors I wanted! Then I got these....

Not the colors I was looking for but dang, you can't beat $1 for these big ole things! They are sooo much bigger than they look in the picture. I got 7 of them at $1 each, whoohoo!

So now for the happy after! I'm still not done, it's still not all the way drool worthy. I can tell you one thing though, it looks and functions soooo much better than before! Even better, I can get rid of the bulky dresser so they can have so much more room for activities! lol.

 I would still love to paint, but again, everything is going to be moved around as we finish our remodel. So there's not really much point to doing permanent things like paint. I have since taken out the yellow basket, they are now using just the basket on the floor that you can barely see in the picture hehe.

I was able to use the cloth bins on the top shelf for winter gear and clothes and extra sheets and blankets. My 5 year old's clothes are hanging on the top rod. On the lower shelf we have a cloth bin for each of them holding their PJ's. I'm working on a cute label for them. There is also the stackable bins for their socks and undies. My 2 year old's clothes are hanging on the 2nd rod. The gray container on the floor holds all of the clothes I'm saving for my youngest, and their laundry basket fits nicely on the floor!

All together this project only cost me $11! The shelf and rod we made from things we already had, so all I paid for were the bins from the Dollar Tree! WONDERFUL!

So what has everyone else been doing? Anyone else have a Dollar Tree makeover project?


  1. Wow, what a steel on those bins! Great function for the cost, you should be proud!! Thanks for the sweet shout out!


  2. Love this! Let me know when you'll be in MO. I could use some help with the girls' closet! :)

  3. Great project and so much more useful. I'm working on a closet redo today too!