Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Art Box

When I posted about my bathroom closet I told you I found something at Target that got my juices going. A while back I read this post and thought it was a great idea! I had an extra cleaning caddy and tried it out, but all of our art supplies wouldn't fit. Not to mention, the coloring books and craft paper. So I went back to stuffing it all in this box...

Since school is out, our "art box" is getting a lot of use. I stopped trying to put it up only to have to pull it right back out, so I started leaving it on the kitchen table. It's within the kid's reach when they need it, but boy, what an eye sore...

So at Target I found a cleaning caddy that looked just wonderful to fit all of our art supplies! What was right next to it? A matching plastic basket... What did I do with these two things??

Tada! The cleaning caddy fit perfectly in the basket, leaving enough room underneath for all of their coloring books and drawing paper...

I love the caddy because of all the little compartments. It was like it was made for art supplies!

This art box looks so much better sitting on my kitchen table. I'm loving it!

I think he's enjoying it too! 


  1. I love reading your post!

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  2. Now that is cool! Definitely going to check my Target for this ... the kids' art supplies are out of control LOL!

  3. I completely know what you mean about having to take a break from reading some of the blogs. I start reading them and get discouraged and think that my house is a wreck. Right now it is but it's ok I can deal with it, no one is SUPPOSED to be coming over soon. I finally got a little bit of sleep which means Ashlynn did too (so maybe she is starting to feel better)

    PS thank you for following me back! & those quotes are AWESOME!

  4. Hi Kristina - I recently found your blog and I really enjoy it. I love this idea as my 3 year old son loves to color and I have tried a variety of things to hold all his art supplies. Thanks for the idea, I think I may need to head to Target.
    I read in another post that you have modified the Flylady program - would love to hear what you are doing as I have started Flylady tons of times and always get overwhelmed.

  5. Wow, that turned out PERFECT! I love it!! Good work girl, such a great way to stash those supplies!