Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Pitiful Laundry "Cubby"

So, I'm reaching out for some help here... I know I don't have too many followers to read this and put in their input, but I'm hoping to get some anyway! hehe. My laundry room is not working for me. I think an area that I spend so much time in, should be more organized and beautiful so it's not such a drag to be there. I need help!

I've thought about painting... but I just feel that it would be a waste of time since in about a year rooms are going to be moved around and I will have to repaint everything... What do you think? Would I be wasting my time and money, or is what's wasted worth a year of loving my space?

Well, here goes... My VERY humble laundry area....

Yes, that is baskets of produce in my laundry room haha. I had nowhere else to put them in my kitchen and my laundry area is right beside it.

So it's kinda boring, but not too bad, right? Wrong, you haven't seen the chaos behind those cabinet doors!

Ahhhh! Scary, hugh?! This is our "Utility Cabinet" It holds all of our screw drivers, hammers, the hubby's fishing stuff, misc construction things that can't go outside, the drimmel, and even some grilling stuff. I've tried to organize this space many, many times. I used plastic containers that I put labels. It never fails, though, within a couple of weeks it's back to this. The dangerous part is trying to find something. It's like playing Jenga! If you move the wrong thing it all comes tumbling down! I'm thinking of finding a way to hang what can be hung, like hammers and screwdrivers and such. I just can't figure out a way to do it!

Now for the other cabinets....

This side holds my gardening things, batteries, extra remotes and all of my laundry supplies. This side isn't too bad, I guess. Still kind of an eye sore though.

On the door I have baskets that keep frequently used laundry things off the top of the dryer.

I keep a cheap duster within easy reach to dust off the tops after cleaning the lint trap....

The Hubster made this for me to hang up my delicates, and I put a funny pic i found in Real Simple magazine. It's a woman surrounded by laundry hold her arms out to her little boy who is running towards her. I guess I should pick happy art instead of art that reminds me of how much I hate laundry lol.

On the shelf above the dryer I have a small trash can, and a basket that hold misc. laundry supplies...

And above the washer I have.... produce? Wait that doesn't belong there! haha

So you've toured my laundry area and listened to me whine... Any recommendations?!


  1. I'm jealous of your laundry room! You might hate the way it looks but there's so much space! Mine is just a little closet/cubby area with one long shelf above. :)

    I would definitely paint. You could get the cheap stuff at Walmart to paint your walls and something with a built in primer to do your cabinets. You spend too much time in there not to make it look pretty!

    As far as organization goes, I think you're already doing really great. My go-to solution for everything organized is baskets, bins, and storage containers. I especially love those $1 clear storage containers with the white lids from Walmart. Easy to stack, lids stay put, and it's so easy to just grab one from the stack when you need to. I'm going to link you to a blog that I think you could copy. It's of a toy shelf {not quite the same as a laundry room lol} but the idea is the same.

  2. Thanks! I tried the clear shoe boxes but didn't put the lids on, they ended up breaking under the weight of all of the tools and wrenches my hubby INSISTS on keep inside lol. Maybe if I have the lids on them and have them stacked they wont wear so fast... hmmm... Now I get to try and decide what color paint to get! Yay! Thanks so much for reading and weighing in!