Friday, July 15, 2011

21 Day Challenge Day 3... Tupperware

Eeeek, this is the challenge I've been dreading! I don't have a whole lot of Tupperware or anything, I just don't have a good place for what I do have! We don't have a lot of cabinet space. It doesn't help that we don't have a pantry either, so precious cabinet space had to be designated to food.

I tried my best, here we go...

I took everything out, and wiped out the cabinet. I HATE the old peeling 70's wallpaper on the back so I looked for some scrapbook paper to cover it. I didn't see anything I liked in my books :0( Then I saw my extra file folders from Yesterday's Project and I got an idea. I modge podged them on and they look great! I then moved the little wire shelf to the top since it wasn't helping much with the cups. Put everything back and I was done!



I am still so tired of all the wood in our house (wood ceiling in the living room, wood cabinets, wood panelled bottom half of walls, wood wood wood!) but I just keep reminding myself everything will be pretty after we're done with the remodel. One day... One day... ;0)

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