Thursday, July 14, 2011

21 Day Challenge Day 2... The Computer Desk

I decided to move on to day 2 since the junk drawer wasn't done today. I recently cleared and sort of organized my desk, so it didn't take very long to clear the clutter that had slowly made it's way there.

Here is the before and after of the desk....



But what I'm actually excited about is the file cabinet underneath! Since it only took a couple of minutes to do the desk, and I was in the organizing mood, I dove in! Whew it was a MESS!

So I went to my favorite blog and looked up her paper pile challenge... Paper Challenge I read and got my inspiration... I pulled everything out of the top drawer and took it to my kitchen table out of reach for little hands ;0) I sorted and sorted and sorted! My goodness there was a lot of stuff in there!

Look at this pile of stuff I have to shred! It's all things that are completely outdated!

When I finally finished sorting, I put them into pretty file folders I already had, and then into hanging files. I couldn't believe how much I pulled out and how little was going back in!

WOW! Then I put the little tiny bit I had left into that HUGE file cabinet drawer....

Haha, even all spread out it's not even close to as full as it was.

Then it was on to the bottom drawer. I used it to hold my office supplies. Extra paper, binder supplies, hole punches, envelopes, etc.

Another disaster. I took everything out, purged and put it back as neatly as possible...

But with such little going in the actual file cabinet I'm thinking of changing things up. I think I may go with a file box like this for the files and adding some shelving or something for my supplies.

For my tax returns I'm just going to use a file box, but for the kid's school papers I'm going with Iheartorganizing's genius and beautiful creation.I have to get more files and ink before I can do this. So for now I'm stuck trying to find somewhere to stash this pile of school and tax papers on my table until I do! hehe

Loving the results and can't wait to finish!


  1. WOW! Looks so GREAT! I am so glad you shared! :) Congrats on tackling the paper monsters!


  2. Way to go. I know its not an easy task to do with a little one at home!! Its even harder to keep up. :) Thanks for linking up.

    A Bowl Full of Lemons

  3. I love this! My computer desk is making me want to quit the Challenge entirely! lol You did a great job and THANK YOU THANK YOU for the link to the school papers organization! My kid are going to school next year {2012} and I like to get things started way early. :)

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